You Have To Work. If you don't clock the hours, you don't win. And we aren't talking about winning with scores or medals, we mean moving forward and accomplishing personal goals.

Whether you want to make a drumline, play harder music, march better, it doesn't matter what you want to do YOU HAVE TO WORK!

You have to clock the hours.

This means that you will have to make sacrifices and be smart with your time. Write down your weekly schedule and put in EVERYTHING you are doing:

  • School
  • Work
  • Homework
  • Family Time
  • Honors Band
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Piano Practice
  • Oboe Practice
  • The Gym

WHATEVER is in your life, write out your schedule and find out when you will practice. Practicing shouldn't be something that happens on accident, or when you "have extra time", because "extra time" doesn't exist with a busy schedule. You have to make a planned time to get better.

Hold yourself just as accountable as clocking in at your job. If you're scheduled to work a shift, you don't make other plans because you're working. There is a job to do.

And when you view your practice time with that much value and eliminate distractions, you can actually get some serious momentum going with your skill development.

And yes, this is a lot of work, and no, practicing should not be a "chore" we have to do, but for anyone wanting to achieve big goals, you have to make a conscious effort to clock the hours. Understand the best players in the world are not automatically great at what they do. There will be different levels of talent, but most of the time the people with the best work ethic find the most success.

And if you're naturally talented that's great! But talent can only take you so far. It is the work ethic that takes you to the next level.

So go clock in. 


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