As a student, you will go through many different types of teachers. Some teachers are AMAZING and help us learn in ways that encourage and excite us to get better, some teachers mean well, but are just not great at teaching, and sometimes (unfortunately) you will run into a teacher who can’t teach and is actually a bad person. Regardless of how great or terrible your teacher is, the one responsible for successful learning is YOU!

Sometimes we go into rehearsal with the expectation that all we have to do to learn is simply show up. And that it is your teachers job to make sure you are learning and getting better.

“It is my teachers job to teach me, so if they’re not a great teacher, I can’t be a great student.”

But on the contrary, it is your job to learn, and you will have to throttle the amount of work you do based on the teacher’s ability to teach. If you have a great teacher, they will make learning fun, and fluid for you to learn, but with a bad teacher, you will have to do more research. The biggest rule to follow is:
Don’t expect all of the answers to be given to you.

That way YOU are in control of your education. If you sit back and wait for your teachers to make you great it will never happen. It takes both teacher and student working together to develop knowledge. But don’t let the ability of the teacher dictate how much or how fast you learn.

So read more articles, watch more YouTube videos, listen to others talk about their instrument, attend live lessons, and always be learning. This idea of self motivated education is called "Free Choice Learning" and can really change the way you live your life. Everything you do in life can teach you something and if you utilize these moments as a learning experience, you will be surprised how much everyday activities can help your brain grow.⠀
Stay curious, stay sharp, and always be learning.


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