I remember getting so upset if I lost at anything.

A bad grade in school, getting cut from an audition, a failed relationship, and even losing in a video game was seen as nothing more than “Welp, I suck, and now I’m upset.”

I used to look at losing as this terrible thing you try to avoid at all costs. But I have evolved to understand that losing is really just a stepping stone to future wins. Now my mentality is:

"No Losing. Only Learning."

Of course “losing” is a real thing, and it’s important to acknowledge when you have lost, but instead of dwelling on the loss, or getting upset, I try looking at losing as a learning experience.

Every time I lose or fall short of something I was trying to accomplish it becomes a training ground for understanding. Instead of getting frustrated I ask myself questions to help me better understand my loss:

What did I do wrong?

Where was I most unprepared?

Where can I improve?

What should I avoid next time?

What is something I see now that I didn’t during the process?

What are my weaknesses?

What are my biggest fears of doing this again?

What am I going to do from now until the next opportunity?

Now this takes my loss and turns it into a tool for growth that will help me build towards my next win. So do your best to be as proactive as possible to win as much as you can, but when you lose, don’t hold yourself back by getting upset. 

Check, make adjustments, learn, grow, repeat.

When you think of it this way there is no losing, only learning.

- Mark Perrett

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