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A great way to ensure consistent improvement is by recording yourself when you practice. Using a smart phone is usually the easiest and most accessible way to record yourself, but you should also GET A TRIPOD!! For real, leaning your phone up against whatever is in your practice area doesn't give you the best angles. (And it falls when you start playing!) So here are some recommendations to get your phone hooked up to record yourself with quality:⠀
$30 Amazon Basics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod⠀
$33 Shoulderpod S1 Tripod Mount (Expensive, but worth it)⠀
or if you're on a tight budget, you can get something like this: $20 JOBY GorillaPod for Point and Shoot Cameras⠀
Many people believe that they can hear everything they play and correct all the mistakes themselves within the reps. This does not work because people become so accustomed to the way they play that even mistakes begin to sound correct to them, or they don’t want to believe that they are playing something incorrectly. Such ego-centered thinking will only hurt you in the long run.⠀
The more detailed you become about the way you play, the better player you will become, and this helps strengthen your section. If a section has twenty people, and everyone in the section eliminated one error from their parts, then twenty errors are gone before the cleaning process even begins.

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