It is really easy to blame other people for the shortcomings in your life, but when you blame someone else, you give them control of the situation.

"This is your fault, now you have to fix it."

With this mentality, you just spend time waiting for everyone else to figure out your problems and you end up going nowhere. Instead, take control of your outcome by putting the blame on yourself. This is difficult to do, because sometimes things are genuinely not your fault, but how you react to every situation makes all the difference.

When you start using this mentality, you will find that things get done faster, you end up helping other people & become a role model for them, and you can sculpt your life in a way that makes you more happy and successful. The key is to not get upset as a result of blaming yourself. Look at every failure as an opportunity to get better. Then bring your best to the table each day.


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