When you practice, you are developing habits and muscle memory. You can develop good habits, or bad habits, but repetition will end in results either way. ⠀
Sometimes it is hard to focus when we practice because we want to feel like we are getting a lot of work done. If you are sitting down and playing through everything you know in one practice session, you might not get enough time to develop proper hand motions and chops for specific skill sets.⠀
Practice small, consistent reps so you can build the correct hand motions it takes to complete a specific demand. Rep your parts over and over at slow tempo's, bumping the tempo up over time, then start putting bigger segments together to eventually perform your entire show.⠀
Long segments are important, and you should have the mental stamina to perform your entire show without error, however, it is not the only way to practice. Smaller segments are great for developing and isolating your music and using both formats will provide a well rounded approach. ⠀


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