Life is a training course and you are the instructor.

Every time you interact with someone, whether it is a positive or negative transaction, you are training them how to treat you. So do your best to train people with great actions. ⠀
For example, if you show up to rehearsal without your music memorized and move slow during the first 30 minutes of a block, you are teaching your instructor that they need to babysit you and push you really hard to get you on board with the assigned tasks.⠀
On the other hand, if you show up knowing all your music and give 100% energy for the entire rehearsal, you are teaching your instructor that you don't need to be treated like a child and are ready to move quickly through the rehearsal process.⠀
Just know that every action you do will be met with a judgment and a reaction from the people in your life. Your instructors are going to work with you at the pace you give them. So what are you doing to make sure everyone treats you the way you want to be treated? Train them to treat you as a great performer by BEING ONE on and off the field.⠀


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