As a performer, one of the most frustrating things you have to go through in a season is the adversity and uncertainty of the staff at times. And to be honest, sometimes your staff is experimenting and doesn't know exactly what is going to happen. But the worst thing you can do is question your staff and their intentions. ⠀
Most of the time there is a vision that you don't fully see because you are a small part of a whole and the ensemble is much bigger than the individual. The best groups are made up of people who follow instructions and do it to the best of their ability, even if it is out of the box or out of their comfort zone. ⠀
Don't make things harder than they have to be. Everything you are doing is a process that will lead to a final product. And if you do it right, it will take the entire season to find the best mixture of ideas. If you have a legit concern, communicate with your staff and have honest conversation. But overall you should trust your staff and focus on doing your job and executing your responsibilities to the highest standard of the activity.⠀


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