Work Ethic -  To maintain a constant and positive effort towards a goal.

Confidence - The undeniable belief in your ability to succeed.

Responsibility - To hold yourself accountable for what is within your power.

Persistence - Repeating a course of action until, and only until, a goal is reached.

Passion - Possessing intense feelings, emotions, or love towards perfecting your craft.

Teamwork - The act of working together towards a common goal regardless of adversity.

Positive Attitude - Maintaining an optimistic perspective in spite of opposition.

Motivation - Inspiring yourself and those around you to become better than ever before.

Endurance - Pushing through unforeseen hardships.

Integrity - Acting honest and true maintaining a soundness of moral character.

Sacrifice - To surrender something prized or desirable for something else more rewarding.

Flexibility - The ability to adapt or modify yourself without complaining.

Humility - To be understanding and accepting of your flaws.

Self Awareness - Being fully aware of your actions and their affect of your personal life and others around you.


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