We have all been there. Looking up to a drummer or ensemble and saying "Wow, they are so good! I will never be that good."⠀

There are many factors at play here, but something that can hold you back or discourage you from practicing is the need for it to be perfect right away. When you watch other performers, realize you're looking at the final product and it takes time for your mind and muscles to develop.⠀

So keep the end goal in sight, and work TOWARDS perfection, but focus your daily energy on fixing smaller issues and RETAINING that information! If you make small fixes over time and keep getting better every day, the stress to be perfect can go away and you shift that energy to getting better. Then, over time, you build towards your perfect rep. Trying to play perfectly is great, but if it paralyses you or discourages you from continuing, this is a great mindset to shift towards!⠀


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