Being a great student means you listen to your instructors and apply what they are telling you to do. But the best students are the ones who also figure things out on their own. ⠀
We have seen it many times, where students will only know how to play their school warm ups and show music, but when you ask them to play anything outside of that, they can't do it. It is important to master the information your teachers are giving you, but it is equally important to expand your knowledge on your own. 

Watch YouTube videos, read books, ask questions, and research the art of your activity. This is something that will make you a better player and will come in handy if you want to perform in a different ensemble down the road. 

So do your homework, make sure you are on top of all assignments from your instructors, but in addition to that, be a student of the activity and push your limits. Explore, filter information tailored to your style, practice, and know that your teacher is not here to show you everything. You have to take it the extra step. ⠀


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