by Mark Perrett
I used to be in the habit of only giving out critiques. Even if I saw someone doing something good, I didn't want them to get an elevated sense of what they were doing because there was always something they could fix. 

I thought if I gave out compliments the other people would think they didn't have more to work on, so I reserved giving compliments. But I found that this kept the vibe from being super positive. 

People need positive reinforcement. The critique is great and needed to help everyone get better, but you should also let them know what they're doing right.

So if you see someone doing something you like, something good to better themselves, or something remarkable, let them know! Gratitude is directly related to happiness. The people receiving the compliments are happy and you feel good making other people feel better. It's a great vibe all around.

If we spend as much time spreading compliments as we do criticisms the world will be a better place!


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