Practice Tips


10.06.21 / Mark Perrett
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When we play rhythms where the sticking alternates back and forth between the hands, this is called “Hands Together” playing, and when we break this down you can play one hand at a time, and this is called a “Hands Separate” approach. Both should feel exactly the same. 

The video above explain this example of playing Hands Together into Hands Separate with the Leading Hand, and then Hands Together into Hands Separate with the follow hand.

Notice how the only thing that changes is one of the hands stops playing. The approach, quality of sound, grip pressure, hand motion, velocity, and height are exactly the same. A common tendency to avoid is to squeeze the stick when playing Hands Together.

So try this out for yourself and see if you can play Hands Together and Hands Separate with the exact same approach. Tag us in your progress videos and have fun getting better!


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