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10.03.21 / Mark Perrett
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Have you ever wanted to play something faster? Perhaps you have music that requires fast chops, or you saw someone playing something fast and you want to do the same thing? But when you try to play it, you can’t do it. Or you can play it, but the quality is not as good as it should be?

We have all been there! The issue usually comes from a lack of muscle strength or mental coordination. A great way to develop your understanding of your music and develop muscle strength is to use Tempo Thresholds. 
Tempo / ˈtempō / noun - The speed at which a passage of music is or should be played.

Threshold / ˈTHreSHˌ(h)ōld / noun - A door, window, or opening allowing passage from one space to the next.

A Tempo Threshold is when you start a piece of music very slow and work the tempo up slowly over time. Each tempo is like a new doorway you’re passing through to get to your final destination of playing the final tempo. 

In the video above Mark walks us through a Tempo Threshold practice sequence and explains how this can help you play faster with quality.


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