11.09.21 / Mark Perrett
I love teaching drums because of the immense depth and complexity of the art form. I’m a true geek, and a bit of a scientist when it comes to my playing and approach to teaching. But a lot of my feedback always comes back to one thing. 


We live in a sea of endless information, and you can watch hours of videos, and ask every question in the book about how to get better, but at the end of the day you have to apply what you’ve learned to the physical act of drumming. 

Don’t spend so much time getting inspired that you don’t actually practice. 

We can dive deep down the rabbit hole of muscle groups, finger twitch, stroke types, velocity, and the list goes on, but you have to drum for any of that to matter or help you. 

And you can’t be afraid of failing. Unfortunately many beginning players don’t practice because they suck at it and they get frustrated. It’s easy to see some blazing fast drummer on Instagram go crazy and say “Omg I want to do that!” But when you try to play it isn’t even close to that. And BOOM, you stop practicing and go right back to YouTube to get more inspiration. 

Inspiration is great, and learning new techniques to make you better is awesome, but you have to drum. 



To get better. 

Now go drum. 


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