Understand that people are going to judge your work in progress.
They will tell you you’re trash, you’re not good enough, and you will never be anything.

And it is hard not to listen to them, because you might be saying the same thing to yourself. 

But people said the same thing to everyone you idolize. Every pro athlete, musician, performing artist, writer, everybody who is in the limelight had to go through this. 

But when others quit, they kept going.

They kept pushing forward, getting better, and understanding that people are always going to judge what they see. 

You are the only one who can see your full perspective. And because of this, you can’t be defined by your current status.

The game is judged by the final score. So don’t be upset when people judge you at half time. 

Just keep pushing and focus on being better than you were yesterday. 

And eventually that vision will become a reality. 

You got this.

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