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Make better videos, get better feedback.

Over the years we have receive thousands of videos from students to provide feedback and help them get better. But the first video we receive is usually not filmed with quality making it hard to give the best feedback possible.

Creating a good quality video with the right angles allows us to see and hear your total performance. The better we can see you and everything you're doing, the more precise we can be with our feedback.

We've spent so much time giving feedback about how to record videos for feedback that we decided to make a tutorial for it!

In this video you will learn:

- Why We Record Ourselves
- What Camera To Use
- Framing Options
- What Tripod To Get
- How To Set Up Your Filming Area
- Lighting Tips
- What editing Software To Use

What if I can't afford a tripod?

If you don't have the budget to get a tripod and phone mount right now, think about where you would have the camera if you DID have a tripod and get creative with trying to place the phone in the same spot.

You can use a music stand, a stool with books stacked on top of it, or even tape it to the wall. As long as you get the framing and lighting right you can make this happen on a budget.

Want feedback on your playing?

Every week Gridbook Academy Members send in videos for feedback. We provide advice on how to fix common issues found in technique, musicality, and performance. Enroll to start getting individual feedback today!

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