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Here is what happens. You show up to a random Tuesday rehearsal, there is nothing too special about the day, and you give energy, but it is just enough to get by. No big deal. You have a few rehearsals like this and now it has finally come…


You now have this new sense of purpose and you can’t wait to EXPLODE this new found energy onto the field for the crowd to see and love!! But during your performance things don’t feel the same, you’re rushing like crazy, you can hear things you never hear before. The experience is FUN, buuuut… is definitely different than what happens in rehearsal.

This is what happens when you practice differently than you perform. When you give more energy on a show day, things will happen that are different than you’re used to. This is extremely frustrating for the staff because now they have to teach you using commentary from performance energy you only give during a show. If you gave the same energy in rehearsal, there would be more consistency about what you do, and makes it way easier to pinpoint your tendencies so you can fix them.

So keep this in mind when you are about to start your next rehearsal. Don’t just be there to practice for the performance, PERFORM FOR THE PRACTICE! Pretend that thousands of people are there watching you at rehearsal and every rep someone is looking directly at you. This will not only make practice more fun, but it will make everything you do more consistent as well.


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