You might be practicing at home for hours, but are you maximizing your practice time? Many of us will work on our music at home, but will do everything differently than what we do in rehearsal. Here are some examples of common performance conditions you can recreate at home:⠀
  • Stand up and play with the pad the same height as your drum (don't sit down)⠀
  • Mark Time (Get those feet moving)⠀
  • Get set, Do the rep, Stay still until you click out (wait a few seconds after playing before you "break" or move)⠀
  • Use "8 & You're In" or a tap off before you play. ⠀
Basically whatever details you use during rehearsal, do the best you can to recreate those performance conditions at home. ⠀
Practicing at home is a great time to really break things down, look at your hands, and get detailed as an individual, but that should work in tandem with your rehearsal etiquette. That way when you show up to rehearsal, EVERYTHING you worked on applies, not just one or two things. 


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