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One of the best ways to get better is to receive individual feedback. With Gridbook Academy you can submit Progress Videos and receive detailed critique about your performance from world class educators. Follow the process below to submit a video for feedback.



Pick a performance based learning activity (like playing rolls from the Skills Page) and record yourself performing it.

Then, upload that video to a YouTube playlist named “Gridbook Academy Progress”. This is where all of your progress videos videos will be hosted.

Review your video for accuracy and timestamp as needed.



When ready to submit, click the Get Feedback Button (like the one shown below) at the bottom of the selected learning activity.  
Once clicked, a new screen will load with an area to paste your YouTube link and any relevant commentary about the video. 

An instructor will view your video and provide feedback in the form of detailed comments.



Once you review your feedback from an instructor, write the instructor via your Academy Inbox so we know you saw it. You may also ask questions about your feedback at this time.

Then use those critiques in your practice time to get better.

After you've made improvements, start the process over by submitting another video.


When I post a video, how long until I receive feedback?

After you post your video in the Feedback Zone, allow 3-4 business days for your instructor to give you comments. 

What do I do if I have questions about my feedback?

If you receive a comment that you don't understand or would like more context, reply to the post in the Feedback Zone and tag your instructor. They will reply with further context, and may encourage you to sign up for an Office Hours meeting if the topic requires a face to face chat.
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