Welcome to Gridbook Percussion Academy! We are so happy you have decided to learn with us. This journey is going to be a lot of fun!

We are here to help you get better, develop efficient practice habits, and tailor the learning experience to your preferences. Some students prefer to learn on their own, others enjoy help from us, and we’re here to teach anyway you like.

We're sure you’ll have fun looking around for yourself, but we also want to give you some pointers on how to get the most out of your new online campus. Use the links below to discover more about your new online school.


When you login, you’re brought to your “Dashboard”. This is your home base for quick access to things around the school. 


You can go to Account > Edit Profile to update your profile picture, and put some information about yourself to help you connect with other students with similar interests. 


Enjoy a large library of Lot Videos, Documentaries, and Interviews to get inspired.


You now have access to method books we have written over the years. These are great for reading and writing notes in to reference later.


The Library is where you can find great articles, videos, and quick tips. Think of this as a large database of knowledge.


Every week we do a variety of educational livestreams. This includes things like Chopout Sessions, Feedback Sessions, and Lectures. This is where you get to interact with the staff in real time. We also host monthly Workshops that are all day online events.


"The Community" is our own private social media platform. This is where you can post videos for personal feedback, share articles, ask questions, and make friends. This is fun because you feel the positive energy of everyone working to get better!

Feel free to make your first post in the community introducing yourself!


Your Academy Inbox is your 1-on-1 space to interact with myself and John Lluvera. These messages are a great way to keep track of conversations and get feedback.


We’re truly invested in our student’s success and want you to know this is more than just a website with a bunch of sheet music. This is a mentorship and training program where we are working with you to help you achieve your goals.
We will send you a message in your inbox soon to discover your goals and get a learning roadmap started.


Hopefully this gives you some direction to get started with your learning journey. Thanks so much for choosing to learn with us and let’s start getting better!