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Stories From The Community.

Thanks GB for creating a community where drummers from all walks of life can come together and find something new to work on and maximize their abilities!

Tony Teleky, The Cadets

GB is family to me! They have created a new standard for rudimental drumming and constantly motivate everyone, including myself.

Ralph Nader, BYOS

GB has inspired me to take my drumming to the next level! Gridding expands my drumming vocabulary and allows me to better express myself as a musician.

AJ Kostromina, AJ Drums

I wouldn't have the chops I have today without the whole concept of gridding. It's the most effective way to build chops, and I will always train with them.

SDJMalik, Super Drummer

GB helps me see life as one big grid, because everything you do has a rhythm, and your amount of success depends on the tempo of your grind.

Malik Dope Drummer

GB has the most organized and comprehensive tools to train your brain and body. They're an essential collection for any serious drummer.

Lindsay Artkop, 2015 Hit Like A Girl Champion