Drumline Audition Prep

Welcome to the Gridbook Drumline Audition Prep Program. This program will guide you through the process of drumline auditions from start to finish. Whether you're trying out for drumline for the first time, or working to get a world class spot on your dream drumline, this program is for you.
 Pre-Season  is the time before auditions where you are developing general skills. This is where you’re  Getting better,  Developing fundamentals,  Building chops,  Getting in shape, and doing all preliminary work  Before the Audition Packets are released.  The goal is to develop the skills every ensemble is looking for, then when the Packets comes out you’re just learning new music, not developing new skills.
A few months before the official audition date ensembles will release their  “Audition Packet”.  This will include all of the  information and music they want you to prepare for the audition.  This is where you will apply all the great work you did during Pre-Season to make this a smooth process.
it’s time to  go to the audition!  This is where you will apply all of the great work you did through the Audition Prep process. You will meet the staff, perform for them, and receive a Cut, Callback, or Contract.
 After the audition,  depending on the outcome, you will either be looking for a new place to audition, going to a callback camp, or preparing for a great season with the ensemble you tried out for! Either way,  it’s important to reflect on your experience. 
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